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The Matatnga 2 - Guam Black Gi is almost here!!!

The Matatnga 2 is almost on island. The boxes are in transit and we anticipate we will receive our inventory early next week. For those of you who pre-ordered online, we will ship out your gi within 24 hours after the product is in our hands. Those who are on island can stop by the store and pick up your order. We will keep you posted. Shoot esta...

  • Benny says...

    Dave, I totally understand your frustration but I have to disagree with you about Moya Brand gis only ranging from $160-$190. Moya Brand does have their signature gis that cost in the $200 range. Gis such as Bill Coopers signature gi the “BTG” or even the Hawaii Cloth and what about the California Son. All of these gis were made with high quality design work and patching that you cant find on any other gi company other then Moya Brand. The Matatnga and Matatnga 2 was thought of and made of that same quality and out of high respect to Guams people and culture. You can see the hard work that went into the Matatnga for yourself. Its amazing!

    Funny thing? Im not from Guam nor do I own a Matatnga gi. I do own a few of Moya Brands signature gis and I do have a few friends that own and roll in the Matatnga and Matatnga 2 and they are the proudest, happiest people on the mat. Im actually kind of jealous lol. Anyway, if you cant afford a quality designed signature gi like what Moya Brand or Moya Brand Guam has to offer. I notice that they sell Guam patches here. Im sure you can still rock your island proudly on whatever gi you want but dont bash quality because your wallet can only take you so far or just go out and get yourself another Guam gi else where. Ops thats right there are none out there, sorry :)


    On Jan 23, 2014

  • dave says...

    Why is this gi way more expensive than the other moya’s? Other moya’s range from 160-190 with free next day shipping. Why is it that we have to pay more just to represent our island. It really disappointing when our people capitalize on how much we want to represent where we come from.

    On Jan 08, 2014

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